Enable modules that are compiled at (what appears to the user to be) the same time. I have in mind adding a bit of functionality to the implementation of the doc function.


Michael Kay wrote:
Enable what?
Ideally I would like to do a full implementation of XQuery modules, with separate compilation. A possible first step is to implement modules but with the requirement that they are all compiled at the same time, like XSLT stylesheet modules. This isn't a major development, but it's more than a "simple source code change", I think.
Michael Kay
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There are some very simple source code changes that can enable this. (But then I guess that wouldn't be Saxon anymore, would it?)


Michael Kay wrote:
Is there a way that I can split an XQuery across multiple 
files.  i.e. How can I define library functions in one file 
that are used in another XQuery?

Sorry, Saxon doesn't yet support XQuery modules. You could always
assemble the modules yourself before presenting them to Saxon, of course
(which would be easier if XQuery was real XML - sigh).

Michael Kay

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