Saxon supports XInclude only insofar as it will pass a request to the XML parser to do XInclude processing. That mainly applies to Xerces.
According to, Xerces does not support the xpointer() scheme in XInclude.
You would have to implement this support yourself by translating the XInclude into a call on document('Libri%20acquisti.xml')/libri/libro
Michael Kay

From: Pierluigi Fabbris []
Sent: 30 April 2009 08:12
Subject: [saxon] Xpointer and Saxon


I’ve the saxon 9.1. B and this code:



<?xml version="1.0"?>

<!DOCTYPE catalogo SYSTEM "catalogo.dtd">

<catalogo xmlns:xinclude="">

<xinclude:include href="Libri acquisti.xml#xpointer(libri/libro)"/>



I don’t put the other  files to be short. I’ve the Libri acquisti.xml and the xinclude does. Why xpointer doesn’t do? Saxon supports Xpointer? I don’t under stand if Xpointer is supported from Saxon. Xpointer is supported from Saxon? SaxonB or SaxonA?

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