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I'm a graduate student from Tsinghua University,China. My name is LiuLe. I want to get some performance infofmation of Saxon on Linux. When I entered a query command, such as "java -cp saxon8.jar net.sf.saxon.Query -t x1.xq", I got the timing infofmation below:
Saxon from Saxonica
Java version 1.5.0_09
Analyzing query from x1.xq
Analysis time: 139 milliseconds
Building tree for file:/home/liule/files/xmark/xmark_1.xml using class net.sf.saxon.tinytree.TinyBuilder
Tree built in 7181 milliseconds
Tree size: 4787932 nodes, 79415403 characters, 381878 attributes
Execution time: 7520 milliseconds
So my question is what  the relation is among "Analysis time: 139 milliseconds","Tree built in 7181 milliseconds" and "Execution time: 7520 milliseconds". What are the exact meanings of "Analysis time", "Tree built time" and "Execution time".
Thank you very much.
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