I want to test a the execution of a query with java using XQuery. This is the class but I have some errors saying that alla the classes imported don't exist, even though all the saxon directory is in the classpath !!

import NodeInfo.java;
import DynamicQueryContext.java;
import StaticQueryContext.java;
import XQueryExpression.java;
import XPathException.java;

public class Xquery {
public static void main(String[] args) {
Configuration conf = new Configuration();
StaticQueryContext staticContext = new StaticQueryContext(conf);

String query = "for $q in (<Root> <Hello>Hi! "
          + "</Hello>   <Name>Nice</Name>   </Root>) "
          + "return <HelloExample>{xs:string($q/Hello)} "
          + "{xs:string($q/Name)}</HelloExample> ";

QueryProcessor qp = new QueryProcessor(conf, staticContext);
try {
      XQueryExpression xqe = staticContext.compileQuery(query);
      DynamicQueryContext dc = new DynamicQueryContext(conf);
      NodeInfo ob = (NodeInfo) xqe.evaluateSingle(dc);
      // It prints Hi! Nice in console
     } catch (XPathException e) {