Thanks.  I went with James Clark's code.  Once I taught it to use namespaces it worked just fine for me.


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Well, you could put Saxon's output through an XML canonicalizer: some of my test suites use a canonicalizer produced years ago by James Clark. Or you could tweak the Saxon serializer. With the new features in 8.8 this shouldn't be too hard:
* create a subclass of XMLEmitter in which you intercept the calls on attribute() and namespace() and startContent() to buffer the attributes and sort them
* subclass SerializerFactory, overriding the newXMLEmitter() method to instantiate your subclass of XMLEmitter
* register this subclass of SerializerFactory with the Configuration object
Michael Kay

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Whenever I see someone write into this list about having trouble with the order of attributes in a serialized XML message, I always laugh.  But now I am laughing at myself.  I have found myself in the difficult spot where I need two different machines, with the same JARs, JRE and classpath, to produce the same sequence of bytes for a given DOM.  Is there any solution to this aside from writing my own serializer?

And yes, you can start laughing.


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