I didn't change the files issued initially and it didn't work.
I have degugged the program. It seems that the error message was caused by the exception:

at the end of doMain( ) function
So I thought maybe it was caused by the books.xsl declared in books.xml an I delete the declaration and tried it.
But it still didn't work.
Another problem is I can't open books.xml using IE.  I got the following:

'current-dateTime' is not a valid XSLT or XPath function. -->current-dateTime()<--

Thanks for your time

Michael Kay <mhk@mhk.me.uk> wrote:
You should only get this message after seeing more specific error messages, so there's something funny going on here. Some kind of configuration problem, I should think, so it may be difficult to reproduce. Did you change the files from those issued? What happens if you use the -t option?
Michael Kay
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Hi guys,
I am a learner in Saxon.
When I try to test some example XQuery using the following command line:
java net.sf.saxon.Query -s books.xml books.xq
I got the following error message:
Query processing failed
Does anyone know the reason and explain it for me?
I really appreciate that.

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