Hello, everyone:

I'm encountering an error message whenever I try
use the xquery-related functionality for saxon (7.6.5).
I've installed saxon on a Windows XP machine, and
when I run the following (which is also the first
line in 'run.bat' under "use-cases"):
   java net.sf.saxon.Query -t xmp/q1.xq
I always get "Query processing failed":
SAXON 7.6.5 from Michael Kay
Java version 1.4.1_01
Compiling query from xmp/q1.xq
Compilation time: 593 milliseconds
Building tree for file:/C:/saxon7-6-5a/use-cases/xmp/bib.xml using class net.sf.saxon.tinytree.TinyBuilder
Tree built in 47 milliseconds
Tree size: 92 nodes, 558 characters, 4 attributes
Query processing failed <===========
Have I done something wrong, or ...?

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