Hi All
I am facing some problem with  constructing soap message using SAAJ is giving error when the saxon jars are present in the class path .
can you help me out how to resolve this issue.
Prasad M
On 5/15/08, Michael Kay <mike@saxonica.com> wrote:
Thanks. I expect the grammar was defined that way in some early draft and I didn't notice the change. Now fixed, but I won't treat it as a bug.
Michael Kay


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Recently I happened to notice that Saxon's XQuery parser accepts
this expression

        if (1) then 2,3 else 4

which is not covered by the XQuery grammar. Apparently Saxon
implements a conditional expression syntax of

        IfExpr ::= "if" "(" Expr ")" "then" Expr "else" ExprSingle

as opposed that of the XQuery recommendation which reads

        IfExpr ::= "if" "(" Expr ")" "then" ExprSingle "else" ExprSingle

I can't see any further problems that this may cause, and I wonder
whether this is an intentional deviation, but if not, you might want to

Best regards,

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