I have a question about Saxon's system-property().  You said below that Java system properties can be retrieved via system-property().  Not being a Java guy, I'm assuming that means that you can use setAttribute() in Java and make those properties visible.  Currently, I'm looking for a solution to a development issue.  We are using Tomcat with the URLRewrite [1] filter to run a servlet that executes an XSL transform.  In my URL rewrite rule I did a:
<set type="request" name="test.me">This is a test</set>
and in my XSL transform I did:
<xsl:variable name="test.me" as="xsd:string?" select="system-property('test.me')" />
However, $test.me didn't contain anything.  So am I on the right track or not?
[1] http://tuckey.org/urlrewrite/manual/2.6/

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Another way(*) you could do this is
<xsl:message use-when="contains(system-property('xslt.debug'), 'A')">message</xsl:message>
allowing you to control which xsl:message instructions are active by setting Java system properties.
Michael Kay
(*) Martin, if you haven't see the other responses you can find them on http://saxon.markmail.org/

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Subject: [saxon] getting variable debug

 is there a way to switch on or off the xsl:message output?  I was rather hoping for a commons logging equivalent that would allow types of messages to get set?