This assumes the plain XML content has already been preprocessed first and attached with the VTD indices, right?

Plus VTD-XML and Saxon/XSLT are different things, it would be interesting to see Saxon can have VTD-XML as a plugin though.

On 8/19/06, Jimmy Zhang <> wrote:
VTD-XML is far more efficient (CPU/memory wise) than SAXON in splitting XML,
there is no comparison...

VTD-XML fully supports XML path, so split pattern can get as complex as

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> On 8/4/06, Jimmy Zhang < > wrote:
>> I suggest that you take a look at this article...
>> Using XSLT to split XML is an overkill....
> It is when the split is this simple, but if requirements were to
> change and the split became only slightly more complicated then XSLT
> would be the ideal tool.  The split is often a one-off operation, so
> performance is less important.
> <OT> I had a look a VTD-XML (albeit a very quick one) and I wasn't
> that impressed...  has anyone used it and can recommend it as "the"
> way to manipluate XML in java? </OT>
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