Is there anyway to disable the warning related to skipping the import of a schema whose namespace has already been imported?  An example is an import graph like this:

     /   \
    |   b.xsd
    |    /

This occurs frequently for me particularly because the b.xsd document is generated via XSLT in an XProc pipeline, stored but also piped into later p:validate-with-xml-schema and p:xslt steps.  I cannot remove all of the schemaLocation (xs:import), xsi:schemaLocation (instance document), and schema-location (xsl:import-schema) attributes because editors such as Oxygen need them, and I am not sure that would work in this case anyway as there is a "physical" <xs:import namespace="..."/> in both b.xsd and c.xsd because both require the definitions therein (i.e. inherent diamond import hierarchy).

Paul Mensonides