Thank Michael for reply. I have tried to follow some use cases, it works.

What if I would like to invoke my own customised-functions in queries? how can add-in and call them from Saxon? For instance, I implement *synonym* function, the expected query could be such as

for $item1 in  doc("file:///c:/sample1.xml")//A/B,
    $item2 in doc("file:///c:/sample2.xml")//C
    synonym($item1/data) = synonym($item2/data)


This sample is only a rough idea. it might get syntax error. otherwise, is it possible to do so? anyone have got some thoughts?


> From:: "Michael Kay" <>
> To: <>
> Subject:: RE: [saxon] invoking functions in XQuery
> Date: 08/11/2004

There are many examples of function calls in the use-cases, which are distributed in the "use-cases" directory. These include calls on both system-defined and user-defined functions. See for example use-cases/tree/q1.xq.
If you are having problems calling functions, show us your code and we can tell you where you have gone wrong.
Michael Kay
Saxonica Limited

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