Thanks for the feedback.

I think the spec is likely to change to make the name mandatory, so I'll hold fire on that one.

You're right that the spec indicates that initial-value is optional, but it gives no clues what the default value might be, so that looks like a spec issue we need to address. An empty sequence would be a reasonable default, but there are complications if this conflicts with the "as" attribute.

I'll look at the issue of recovering from the error of an empty name attribute, and see if I can reproduce it.

Michael Kay

On 2 May 2013, at 18:25, Gerben Abbink wrote:


Saxon 9.5 is complaining that attributes "name" and "initial-value" of xsl:accumulator are missing, but, according to W3 specs of XSLT 3.0, both attributes are optional.


Who is right?

Also, Saxon stops with reporting errors if attribute "name" of xsl:accumulator is empty:

<xsl:accumulator name="">

Maybe a bug?

Thank you,
- Gerben Abbink
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