This error message suggests that Saxon is using the requested encoding, but you are trying to output a character that isn't available in that encoding. Usually the problem character will be output as a character reference e.g. ꯍ but this isn't always possible, for example if you are using the text output method or if the character appears in an XML name.
I need more details about what you are doing and about the error messages to help you further.
Michael Kay
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Sent: 28 December 2003 12:08
Subject: [saxon] how can I add new encoding

I'm trying to transform using iso-8859-8 encoding in xml and xsl documents and get the following exception: javax.xml.transform.TransformerException: Output character not available in this encoding.
I've read extensibility.html, but still missing the working example.
Thanks in advance,
Leonid Kleiner