Saxon introduced some tighter checking, I think it was in 8.7 or perhaps 8.8, to ensure that the source document and the compiled stylesheet use the same mapping of integer name codes to actual QNames. Without this checking you could get some rare but very difficult to diagnose failures.
Saxon rarely creates a NamePool itself (by default it uses the same static NamePool all the time), so this is likely to mean that you are creating a NamePool from within your own code. I know that Hotsos uses stylesheet compilation extensively and the problem could be in that area (though I wasn't aware that stylesheet compilation worked on .NET...)
In fact it's much more common to get errors saying that the are multiple Configurations in use, rather than multiple NamePools. If the stylesheet and source document were built using the same Configuration (or the same TransformerFactory) then they will automatically use the same NamePool, unless you change the NamePools attached to the Configuration in mid-fllight, which would be fatal.
Michael Kay

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Sent: 16 May 2007 22:10
Subject: [saxon] XsltTransformer DynamicError



I’ve recently upgraded from Saxon .Net 8.6 to 8.9 and during unit testing I reached an error that has gotten me a little stumped. The error is a DynamicError with the message “Source document and stylesheet must use the same name pool”. There are some other properties of the error which did not give me much help: URI=”” and LineNumber=-1.  


I’ve searched the List archives and Google’d for this error and have found very little information to help troubleshoot this problem. Can somebody give me a hint to what would cause this error? Any help is much appreciated.