You've got all the software there; the other thing you might be interested in is the saxon-resources8.9 file which contains documentation and sample applications. You can download that from the same place.
There's a "getting started" guide for the software at
and a quick introduction to XQuery at
Good luck!
Michael Kay

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Ok. Thanks. I have Saxon embedded in NoteTab Pro that I use to write and test stylesheets.
I have a foggy memory from a class I took where Xquery was briefly discussed, where I thought I might be able to use Xquery to write a sort of algorithm that would score  strings contained in certain XML tags greater than others, the score later to be used to rank a result set. Very foggy.

Thank you,
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Subject: Re: [saxon] 30 day evaluation missing files?

On 7/19/07, <> wrote:
> Just downloaded a 30 day evaluation copy for Java.  Received license key.
> Seem to be missing files.
> Only received the following in zip:
> saxon8
> saxon8-ant
> saxon8-dom
> saxon8-jdom
> saxon8sa
> saxon8sa-jaxp
> saxon8sa-qc
> saxon8-sql
> saxon8-xom
> saxon8-xpath
> saxon8-xqj

That's correct - what other files were you expecting?

What's you're intended use for Saxon-SA - XSLT transforms, XQueries
and/or XML Schema ?


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