Well, it's certainly too late! - we're at the stage of final page proofs.
Obviously quite a lot of thought went into this. Wiley's marketing people advised quite strongly against going down the two-volume-set route, and we have to trust their knowledge of the market.
We won't know until we see the finished product, but I'm assured that with the right choice of paper and binding the size will be manageable; my understanding is that the weight and thickness won't be all that much more than the current XSLT volume.
Thanks for your interest - though I have to say it's not really on-topic for this list!
Michael Kay

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Another suggestion, although I know it’s probably too late J


The amazon.com page for this book lists it at 1400+ pages, which is going to be unwieldy.  I agree that XSLT and XPath belong in the same “book” given the deep interdependencies, but how about two separately bound books packaged together in a cardboard slipcover?  I’d certainly pay a few dollars more for this convenience.