I get few error messages by initializing the 'QueryProcessor' class so I thought of using the 'XQuery Saxon API example' written by Prof. Martin Kipp to see if this problem occurs also in his code.  (http://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/message.php?msg_id=6996900)


I get the same error message from these two lines on 'new':


      StaticQueryContext staticQueryContext = new StaticQueryContext();

      QueryProcessor qp = new QueryProcessor(config, staticQueryContext);



The error messages are:


Cannot resolve symbol: constructor StaticQueryContext() in class net.sf.saxon.query.StaticQueryContext at line ...


Object() in java.lang.Object is not defined in a public class or interface; cannot be accessed from outside package at line...


Cannot resolve symbol: constructor QueryProcessor (net.sf.saxon.Configuration, net.sf.saxon.query.StaticQueryContext) in class net.sf.saxon.query.QueryProcessor at line...



The libraries saxon7.jar, saxon7-jdom.jar and saxon7-sql.jar are included into my Project.


I appreciate any help or ideas,


Houman M. Khorasani

University of Wisconsin Platteville