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First thing to note is that timings from a single run on the command line tend to be dominated by warm-up time for the Java VM, so you can't really extrapolate to an environment in which queries are run from a Java application where the VM is already up to full speed. For meaningful performance measurements, you should run from a Java application and run repeatedly for at least a minute, taking an average time (and perhaps ignoring the first few runs). If you do need to do performance testing from the command line, there's an undocumented option "-9" which runs the query 9 times, this gives more meaningful results.
Having said, that, "Analysis time" is basically the time taken to compile and optimize the query. "Tree building time" is the time taken to parse a source document, typically the time taken to execute the doc() function. This is part of the total query execution time shown as "Execution time" when the source is read using the doc() function, but it is excluded from query execution time if you build the document from the command line using the -s option. So what this is showing is that for XMark query Q1 on a source document of about 100Mb, the query takes 139ms to compile, the source document takes 7.2 seconds to parse and build in memory, and the query then takes around 340ms to execute.
Incidentally, if you're running XMark, please note that the queries that do joins run dramatically faster on Saxon-SA. For example, with a 10Mb database, Q9 takes 15602ms under Saxon-B and just 42ms under Saxon-SA. With a 100Mb database the difference will be even more extreme.
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I'm a graduate student from Tsinghua University,China. My name is LiuLe. I want to get some performance infofmation of Saxon on Linux. When I entered a query command, such as "java -cp saxon8.jar net.sf.saxon.Query -t x1.xq", I got the timing infofmation below:
Saxon from Saxonica
Java version 1.5.0_09
Analyzing query from x1.xq
Analysis time: 139 milliseconds
Building tree for file:/home/liule/files/xmark/xmark_1.xml using class net.sf.saxon.tinytree.TinyBuilder
Tree built in 7181 milliseconds
Tree size: 4787932 nodes, 79415403 characters, 381878 attributes
Execution time: 7520 milliseconds
So my question is what  the relation is among "Analysis time: 139 milliseconds","Tree built in 7181 milliseconds" and "Execution time: 7520 milliseconds". What are the exact meanings of "Analysis time", "Tree built time" and "Execution time".
Thank you very much.
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