You need to tell us whether you are outputting XML or HTML, and whether you are setting indent="yes" or "no".
If the output is XML with indent="no", Saxon has no choice in the matter, it cannot arbitrarily add newlines to your output. With all other combinations, the XSLT processor does have a choice, and it's basically a matter of aesthetic judgement - processors are allowed to differ.
Mike Kay
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Subject: [saxon] xsl:comment does not start in a newline

I'm using Saxon6_4_3 on Solaris to process XSLT.  I discovered that the output of <xsl:comment> element does not start in a new line, i.e. the <!-- tag gets appended to the previous line.  This is not the case, however, when using MSXML3 to process it (but that's window based).  What did I do wrong?