Yes. The package structure is designed so you should be able to leave out the packages that have dependencies you aren't interested in:
net.sf.saxon.jdom depends on JDOM
net.sf.saxon.dom depends on DOM level 3
net.sf.saxon.xom depends on XOM
net.sf.saxon.dom4j depends on DOM4J
net.sf.saxon.dotnet depends on .NET stubs
net.sf.saxon.xpath depends on JAXP 1.3
But one reason that I don't provide any documentation on this is that I don't claim to have tried all the combinations of what can be left out and what can't. Another reason is that I don't use Eclipse.
The StaxBridge class in net.sf.saxon.pull depends on StAX APIs, I think you can get rid of that dependency simply by removing the class (not the package).
Michael Kay

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Hi Mark
I've built Saxon on Eclipse without too much trouble. However where the source supports
'advanced' facilities such as .NET you hit reference trouble. The easiest thing to do is
just delete the error-full packages that seem uninteresting.
        Ed Willink

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I have downloaded the source code and the can see where the code needs fixing, but am having problems with the re-compilation.


I am using Eclipse and have got the project set up etc, but am unsure of what extra libraries I need and where to get them from!


Sorry for being a pain.







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Subject: Re: [saxon] saxon:evaluate

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Thanks for reporting this. Suprising that no-one has hit it before. I've

documented it as a bug and have provided a patch at:


9872&atid=397617> &aid=1523993&group_id=29872&atid=397617


Michael Kay

Saxonica Limited






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Subject: [saxon] saxon:evaluate

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I have been updating my xslt's to use the xhtml output type and have come

across the following issue with the evaluate function.


Please see attached xslt and sample xml file.






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