There's no attachment. If you need to submit attachments it's best to do it using the support-requests tracker on SourceForge. However, if you can then it's better to try and cut the problem down to a few lines to make it easier to see what's going on.
There have been quite a few changes in the XPath APIs between Saxon 8.8 and Saxon 9.0 in an attempt to improve conformance with the JAXP specifications while still supporting use of XPath 2.0 and non-DOM object models. You should find most of these changes described in the change logs for the various releases.
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From: [] On Behalf Of Rakesh guttal
Sent: 10 December 2007 07:24
Subject: [saxon] Difference Between SAXON 8.8 and


I am using using J.D.K 1.4.2 and SAXON 8.8.


Every thing was working fine with SAXON 8.8. But, when I tried to use SAXON it is not working correctly.

Please find attached the file where i am using XPATH, XSLT.

Line number on which It is failing is 189.

NodeList children=(NodeList)members.evaluate(node,XPathConstants.NODESET).

It is not printing the System.out message after this line, when using SAXON But it works fine with SAXON 8.8.

Please Provide any information regarding this.

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