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There is some information about the API in the relevant sections of the documentation, for example
for XSLT. Generally, however, if you want to go beyond what JAXP offers, then the resource you need is the Javadoc documentation which is at
I do realise this is rather daunting because it describes a large number of classes and methods that you will never be interested in. Unfortunately, though, it's difficult for me to identify a subset - the 10% of classes which 90% of users need. A good way to start is probably by looking for the classes that implement the JAXP interfaces, and seeing what additional functionality they offer beyond JAXP.
Make sure you download the saxon-resources8.n file, which has some sample applications.
Michael Kay

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i am very new to SAXON . please guide me best site/tool/books which gives indepth knowldedge on

saxon Java api.  still now we are using JAXP only. So SAXON api is new to me.
help in this regard is greatful.