How big is "huge"? For some people it's 100Mb, for others it's 100Gb.
There are two facilities now in Saxon for handling files that are too large to fit in memory:
(1) "Streaming of large documents" in XSLT - see
(2) "Document projection" in XQuery - see
In both cases the feature only works for certain kinds of processing, so it depends on the exact nature of the XML.
But if "huge" means say 200Mb, then it might be that all you need to do is to set the right options to allocate memory to Java.
I can advise you at the coding level if you're having difficulty using particular Saxon features, but if you need help at the design level, or if you need help with the implementation, then please contact me off-list to see if we can organize some consultancy arrangement.
Michael Kay

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Subject: [saxon] Question about XSLT >> Huge Files

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I am working in a case where I have to transform an XML input in a more complex XML output. I have developed an XSLT that creates my XML output according to my requirements. My problems have started when I have begun to run huge xml input files because of problems of memory.

I have found information that makes me think than you can help me to solve my issue.


Could you please give me an overview about how could I solve this case?


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