Yes, it makes that that's an issue with the XML parser.
But I'm using the default parser for the command line Transform class (on the command line I just call "java  net.sf.saxon.Transform input.xml style.xsl").  Thus, I must be using the Crimson parser included in JDK 1.4.
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This was a bug in AElfred (well, not a bug actually, a change in the spec that happened after the code was written). It's a problem in the XML parser, not the XSLT processor.
Saxon 7.2 no longer uses AElfred. Which XML parser are you using? Because the spec has changed, it may well be a problem that affects other parsers too.
Michael Kay
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Subject: [saxon] BOM for UTF-8 broken in v7

Looks like bug 472844 (Byte order mark from UTF-8 files not handled) has resurfaced in the new (experimental) Saxon V7.  The error message is something to the effect that the root node is undefined