No, there is no way to append. The results of the operation would depend strongly on the order of execution of instructions in the stylesheet: it would mean the language is no longer side-effect-free. I'm sure there is a solution to your problem within the functional programming paradigm.
Michael Kay
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Is there any extension in Saxon (or a feature in XSLT) that enables me to append to a result document created by <xsl:result-document>? Obviously, the output format will probably not be XML (!), but I already know that that is adjustable by <xsl:output).
I looked in 7.8 documentation and XSLT spec, but couldn't find anything. But I might have missed it...
If there isn't such a feature, I believe my only other option is to read it into a variable in the beginning, append text to the variable, and write it out in the end.
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