Saxon includes an XQuery parser, but it doesn't allow you to capture the output of query parsing at this basic level, because Saxon combines the parsing with the early stages of semantic analysis (for example, binding of namespace prefixes) in a single pass. I would suggest that to translate a query into this form, you use the XQuery sample parser published by the W3C - search for "W3C XQuery parser applet".
Michael Kay

From: [] On Behalf Of ?????
Sent: 28 December 2006 17:51
Subject: [saxon] about XQuery parser


I am a student.I'd like to ask how to use java and saxon to parser simple XQuery Expression like  "1+2"   into

| QueryList
|    Module
|       MainModule
|          Prolog
|          QueryBody
|             Expr
|                AdditiveExpr +
|                   PathExpr
|                      IntegerLiteral 1
|                   PathExpr
|                      IntegerLiteral 2


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