OK, I'll try and put this in (but not in 6.5.x, which is essentially frozen). Typically in this kind of area the testing is much more work than the coding.
Michael Kay
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Subject: [saxon] [6.5.3] Whitespace stripping when using SAX

For a while I had a feeling that something was wrong with whitespace stripping in 6.x versions (and maybe the 7.x too, didn’t check), until I decided to dive into the code, to find that when using a TransformerHandler, whitespace isn’t stripped, and there’s a TODO there by Michael.


Since the solution is only a 2-liner (shorter than the TODO comment itself J), I would to ask you, Michael to fix it for the next versions if you can. Since this is critical for me, I patched my JAR, but I would appreciate it if in the future, when I update my SAXON, it’ll be built-in.


Thanks a lot.


Ytai  Ben-Tsvi

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