I'm in the early days of running up a small Java app to look at a MySQL d-b containing characters in the range 127-255 and also in 256-511, which was loaded with DEFAULT CHARACTER SET UTF8.  The data is pulled out and inserted into a JTable.  Alas, sometimes it shows correctly and sometimes not.  But if I SELECT INTO OUTFILE 'c:\blah.htm' from a DOS console, it's gibberish like yours all the time.  (Probably I should work on this a bit more, but I'm still mainly purifying the data, and I need to get back to development!).
Rgds, GStC.
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So is there work around for this?  e.g. which "more capable environment" should I use under Windows XP?  
Another question is if our application log these messages and display them in a web browser later, are they readable through the browser?
thanks for your help.
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Saxon is using some non-ASCII characters in its messages. It seems, sadly, that there are still systems around that can't cope with this, and that display them incorrectly. It seems to happen in particular if you use a raw MSDOS-style console. I haven't yet decided whether to encourage people to move to a more capable environment, or whether to resign myself to living within the constraints of 7 bit characters.
Michael Kay

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Subject: [saxon] XQuery error message shows garbage characters

Hi All,
I just start using the Saxon 7.9 for processing the XQuery, when I use the command line to run some queries, the syntax error messages shows some garbage characters, can anyone help me to resolve this problem?  Here are some examples characters, I am running on Windows XP with JDK 1.4.2_03.
D:\work\xquery>java net.sf.saxon.Query -T Benson.xquery fromFileName=Input.xml
  XQuery syntax error on line 6 in ½...t() { return <test> <╗:
    expected ½}╗, found ½">"╗
Failed to compile query: Query Parsing failed
Query processing failed