Since you are using xsl:result-document, I guess you are on Saxon 7.1.
So you have three options:
(1) specify a relative URI (href="log.xml"), which will be interpreted relative to the system ID of the principal result document (which must be known, and must be a "file:/" URI)
(2) specify an absolute URI (href="file:/c:/myfiles/log.xml")
(3) specify an arbitrary URI (in fact, an arbitrary string) which you then interpret using your own OutputURIResolver. For example, you could write an OutputURIResolver that interprets the "URI" as a Windows filename.
Michael Kay
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Subject: [saxon] Specifying the output file location succinctly when using result- document and the Java API.

I have written a custom Java class that is intended to provide all of the same functionality that is provided by net.sf.saxon.Transform but using a custom URIResolver.
This is working fine except for some difficulties with the output to a named file where I am finding that, in using the result-document element, I run into trouble because I need to specify the output document using the "file:/" syntax (which I would prefer to avoid).
Advice on how to get an output document specification such as "log.xml" to be "fixed" so that it is available in the desired "file:/C:/myfiles/log.xml" format when result-document elements are being processed would be much appreciated,
Geoff Shuetrim.
PS:  I am using the Xerces Java 2 parser rather than Aelfred if that makes any difference regarding this issue.
PPS: I hope this is not too far off topic for the mailing list.

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