Processing 90Mb of source in 30-40 seconds is quite impressive!
The most likely reason that it's failing under Tomcat is that you're not allocating enough memory. You're using a different Java VM here and the tuning parameters will be different. As a rule of thumb, you should ensure that the memory available is at 10 times the size of the source document - i.e. 1Gbyte in this case.
This also seems a pretty massive job to run as a servlet. I've no idea how well Tomcat handles the scheduling of such jobs.
Michael Kay
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When running instant saxon on the localhost from the command line for a large file (90MB), the transformation is relatively quick (30-40 sec).  When using a saxon servlet (request from a client) using tomcat app server, the response time is MUCH longer (9-10 minutes) or it fails with Tomcat throwing an out of memory error. What am I doing wrong?????
Any suggestions are appreciated.
Kelly A. Fanto