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I'm afraid I don't know what causes this - someone has suggested it's a limit on the Windows platform, and they may well be right. In any event, it's somewhere in the area of the Java VM and the operating system, and has nothing to do with Saxon. Saxon doesn't get a look in until the JVM is up and running.
Saxon has no intrinsic limits on file size, it's only limited by the underlying platform.
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We use Saxon8.jar on PC by calling the CreateProcess function (from MFC code). We have a big XML file (130MB) and we get XML/XSL parse error.

We pass the following command line:


"java –Xmx1830m -jar saxon8.jar -w0 -o html_file xml_file xsl_file"


What is wrong here? Is –Xmx1830m parameter problematic? Does any limit for a file size exist?


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