Yes, I think that it's true that if you specify a ContentHandler to recieve the result document of a transformation, Saxon isn't including the namespace declarations in the Attributes collection on startElement, and this has to be regarded as a bug.
Mike Kay
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Sent: 19 October 2001 16:02
Subject: [saxon] Possible parser bug ?

I'm attempting to access, from SAX, dynamic namespaces defined within a XMLSchema or WSDL file.  I am using SAXON XSL to preprocess the schema files.  Within the wsdl:definitions element, for example, I am using <xsl:copy/> which copies the namespace attributes into the output document.  When I try to access these as Attributes in startElement() processing, they aren't there.  I noted somewhere, that SAXON doesn't output namespace atbs in the Attributes collection, but I thought it may have been because I didn't set the to true.  With this set, I still don't get the namespace attributes.