The AElfred parser, which is the default XML parser used by Saxon 6.5.2, has never supported ISO-8859-2. For a list of encodings that it does support, see
If you want to use this encoding, you can configure Saxon to use a different XML parser.
I've no idea, of course, why it was apparently working before. Perhaps you weren't actually using Saxon at all - it isn't unusual for people to be running Xalan when they think they are running Saxon, and vice versa. But character encoding on the input file is a matter for the XML parser, not for the XSLT processor.
PS. "Problems with Saxon" as a subject line isn't going to help people who are searching the archive.

Michael Kay
Software AG

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      We are using your utility saxon.jar for a stylesheet transformation. We are using saxon to convert an iso-8859-2

 Compatible XML to a ISO-8859-1 XML file. This was working fine for the past 6 months. But a month back, it keeps

 giving me an error

 Fatal error reported by XML parser: unsupported ASCII-derived encoding (found "ISO-8859-2") (expected "UTF-8, US-ASCII, or  ISO-8859-1")





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