Yes. This error occurs in the second printing. The editors at Wrox tried to correct a minor typo in the first printing, and made a mess of it.

Michael Kay
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Sent: 25 July 2002 16:13
Subject: [saxon] <xsl:attribute> tag as described in XSLT: Second Edition Programmer's Reference

I'm sure I'm overlooking something here, but I came across something puzzling on page 167 of XSLT Programmer's Reference.  For the first example of the tag's usage, it gives:
    <xsl:attribute border="2"/>
Obviously this is supposed to create a <table> tag with an attribute named 'border' set to value '2'.  But on the previous page it says that the only attributes an xsl:attribute tag can take are 'name' and 'namespace'.
Shouldn't this be
    <xsl:attribute name="border>2</xsl:attribute>
Rob Esris