Anyone using the Resin webserver from Caucho to run Saxon? We're going to check it out because we have concerns about the stability of Tomcat - it seems to crash every 3-4 days for no reason
Any info appreciated (also if anybody has used Allaire Jrun or Iplanet)
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From: Michael Kay
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The play.xsl sample stylesheet produces multiple output files, which makes it unsuitable for running in a servlet environment. It's intended to illustrate a capability that's best used at publishing time. (After all, Shakespeare plays don't change very often, so it doesn't make much sense to render them each time a user requests a page).
Mike Kay
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I'm running Tomcat 4.0 standalone and using Saxon 6.4.4 - I placed the saxon.jar file in Tomcat lib directory, and placed the saxon servlet into the sames class directory as the sample servlets.
The Othello.xml, play.dtd and play.xsl stylesheet file were also placed in the correct directory.
Seems to locate all the input files correctly, however when I run the servlet directly as a URL I get the following error:
        Failed to create output file /scene1.html
Any ideas?? Should it not be directly creating and rendering the output html?
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From: Michael Kay
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Javadoc information for the Saxon API is included with the product. The classes you are interested in are mainly those in the javax.xml.transform package (i.e. the JAXP 1.1 API, also known as TrAX), and you might also find it useful to get the JAXP 1.1 documentation from Sun (though this is mainly just the Javadoc again). You might also find the source code in useful.
Mike Kay
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Hi all:
    I am trying to write a servlet to do simple Transforms using SAXON.  I looked at
the saxon page and there is an example there, however I am still a bit
not clear about it.
Is there a plain vanilla Servlet out there or is there documentation (JAVADOC API)
somewhere that describes the different methods for SAXON?
Carmelo Montanez
NIST Stop 8970
Gaithersburg, MD 20899