You can supply a node-set as a parameter value using the JAXP API, but from the command line, the only kind of parameter you can supply is a string. It seems that you are not actually wanting to pass a node-set, you are wanting to pass an XPath expression. To treat a string as an XPath expression, use saxon:evaluate():
xsl:for-each select="saxon:evaluate($type)"
Michael Kay 
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Subject: [saxon] setting paramters to node-sets

I want to use an input parameter in a for-each statement, but when I try this saxon reports that "The value is not a node-set".  How can I convert the input parameter to a node-set or even have it come in as a node-set? 

My command line reads:   saxon doc.xml doc.xsl type="value" match="value"

My stylesheet reads:            <xsl:param name="type"/>
                                <xsl:param name="match"/>
                                <xsl:for-each select="$type">

Chris Pisani
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