I'm trying to build a XSLT pattern that select the fiveth <articulo> element of the following document: 

I think that the follow template must select the fiveth <articulo> element:
<xsl:template match="//articulo[5]">
    <p div class="miclass">
but the XSLT  proccesor doesn´t found it.  
//articulo[5] will select every <articulo> element that is the fifth <articulo> child of its parent, not the fifth in the whole document.
 What is the correct pattern to do it? 
But do you really want to do this? Don't you want to make the stylesheet more general, so it can select any articulo element selected by a stylesheet parameter? I would normally do this kind of selection in the <xsl:apply-templates select="XXX"/> expression, not in the pattern. But it's your application...

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