Thank you. It is working fine.


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Subject: RE: [saxon] Problem loading Saxon 6.5.3 full ver on Windows XP



I added saxon.jar to system environment variable as:

PATH      ...;C:\saxon\saxon.jar 


MHK> You don't need to do that, but it does no harm.



I am not familiar with adding environment variables so I do not know if I need to create a new environment variable CLASSPATH and how I should set the path.  


Under WinXP you do this from the Control Panel: Settings/Control Panel/System/Advanced/Environment Variables 


The following are error messages I get (java seems to be recognized okay):



'saxon' is not recognized as an internal or external command,

operable program or batch file. 


You always run Java applications using the "java" command. The documentation is at


For the first form, "java com.icl.saxon.StyleSheet", saxon.jar must be on the classpath. For the second form, "java -jar c:\saxon\saxon.jar", it doesn't need to be on the classpath (but note that with this form, you can't use extension functions).


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