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Subject: [saxon] Why can't I match a node named 'root'?

I claim I have the weirdest problem on this list.
To start with, I'm using Saxon 6.3 full version on a Windows 2000 platform with Sun's VM, nothing strange there.
When I process a file where the root node is called 'root', which has a children named 'hej', Saxon won't match this in a value-of element with select='/root/hej'. Ok, that was weird. But even more strange is the fact that if I rename the root node to something else, like 'greb', and of course change the corresponding select expression, everything works fine.
After some experimenting I have noticed that the names 'rot', 'root' and 'rooot' will result in a negative match, while 'roooot' works fine.  
Of course, the obvious solution is to name the root node something else than 'root'. But I still wonder what the problem might be. I first thought that 'root' was somekind of reserved word in XSLT, but I havent found anything about that in mr Kays book on the subject.
Does anyone has an idea of what the problem might be?