Where to use XML/XSLT in my .Net Project

  • JeffPGMT

    JeffPGMT - 2011-02-23

    The project will query SQL data from a few sources, then use an XML and/or
    XSLT to build an output XML file.

    The project's code will not know how to build the output file, instead it will
    rely on an XML/XSLT control file to tell it what to do.

    My dilemma lies in that I'm not sure if I should have the control file be an
    XML file such as...
    ...this pseudo example....


    <Obj_Attribute value="1">tc</Obj_Attribute>


    <Source_ResultNV sc="uPolAmount">PolicyAmount</Source_ResultNV>
    <Source_ResultNV sc="uPolYears">Term</Source_ResultNV>
    <Source_ResultNV sc="uPmtMode">PremiumModal</Source_ResultNV>
    ...etc for each simple or complex element
    The project will then build the XML based on the above and any changes to the
    control file will (if all is well) result in a different result XML file.

    I suppose that my question is if this is a good direction or if XSLT can do it
    all, map data into the XML output and not rely on my c# .Net code to know how
    to form or map the data into the result XML.



  • Michael Kay

    Michael Kay - 2011-02-23

    I'm afraid there's really not enough detail here to advise you. Also it's not
    really a Saxon-specific question - it would be better asked on a general XSLT
    forum such as the xsl-list at mulberrytech,com. It sounds like a perfectly
    reasonable avenue to pursue.


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