Saxon 8.1.1 declareVariable problem

  • Yana Kadiyska

    Yana Kadiyska - 2004-12-17


    newby here so sorry if this is an obvious mistake. I need to declare a variable that my query uses. I have the following code:

    final Configuration config;
    DynamicQueryContext dynamicContext ;
    StaticQueryContext staticContext;
    //some instantiation here

    new DOMSource(dom)) );

    String query="for $a in $root//price return $a";

    Variable thisVar = Variable.make("root");
    thisVar.setValue(dynamicContext.getContextNode() );


    XQueryExpression exp = staticContext.compileQuery(query);

    At which point I get a runtime exception that variable $root is not declared (I know the query is unnecessarily complex but for purposes of my app I prefer not to alter the query). The binding I'm trying to achieve is equivalent to let $root:=doc(...).

    Also, through some debugging, I know the binding makes into the variables map of the static context object...not sure why it's not found when compile is called.

    Thanks for any help

    • Michael Kay

      Michael Kay - 2004-12-21

      Your query needs to declare the variable $root as an external variable:

      declare variable $root external;

      Michael Kay
      Saxonica Limited

      (Sorry for the delayed response, SourceForce hasn't been notifying me of these postings)


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