cache transform xslt / xml to html

  • Marco Dissel

    Marco Dissel - 2010-12-15

    On our IIS Server we're converting a XMLstream with a XSLT file and show the
    resulting html into the browser. We cache the result of the transformation,
    but we have about 100.00 different xml files, a cached hit is low. We also
    want to speedup the transformation process.

    It is possible to cache the XLST Transformation / Compiled result?


  • Michael Kay

    Michael Kay - 2010-12-15

    Saxon doesn't provide any such capability, but it sounds possible to do it at
    application level.

    Are you sure it will help? I've often been asked to look at system performance
    issues of this kind where it turned out that the XSLT transformation cost
    wasn't actually on the critical path, but rather other steps on the processing
    pipeline such as parsing and serialization.


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