HTTP response code: 500

  • daniel

    daniel - 2010-11-05

    Hello everyone,

    I'm xsl-transforming xml to xml with Saxon. The xml-files are based an a dtd,
    which include some special-symbol-entity-files from the w3c-sites.
    Since a few days i'm getting this error:

    I/O error reported by XML parser processing
    file:/C:/zumtesten/h521_brunner_1897/xml/index_0.xml: Server returned HTTP
    response code:
    500 for URL:

    Transformation failed: Run-time errors were reported

    I can open this file with my browser, I tried several Saxon- und Java-Versions
    and it was working for a long time. I simply haven't got any idea what's

    Thans for your help,

  • Michael Kay

    Michael Kay - 2010-11-05

    What's wrong is that W3C are increasingly blacklisting people who make
    repeated requests for common DTD files from their servers. You need to arrange
    to make a local copy of such files and retrieve them from there. One way of
    doing this is to use Oasis catalogs to redirect the requests.

  • daniel

    daniel - 2010-11-05

    Oh, thanks! It's done and working.


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