Output-Document all in one Line

  • Martin Beck

    Martin Beck - 2004-10-07

    I have the Problem, hat I want my XSLT-output-document without Line-Breaks. The complete output-document should have only 1 Line.

    How can I do this with Saxon. <xsl:output indent="no"> don't work.

    Another question: Can I use another Indent-Character than &#x20; I want to use &#x09; for Indent. How can I do this with saxon?


    • Michael Kay

      Michael Kay - 2004-10-07

      If you sent indent="no", then the only line breaks that appear in the output will be those that your stylesheet has written to the output. It is often useful to set <xsl:strip-space="*"/> to stop unwanted whitespace being copied from the source document.

      Saxon does not provide any option to indent using tabs.

      Michael Kay


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