JScript Invoking Saxon

  • Henry C. Callihan, Jr.

    I currently have a JScript that invokes the MSXML SDK (see snippet)

             <SCRIPT language="JScript" defer="true">
                 var xml = new ActiveXObject("Msxml2.DOMDocument.3.0");
                 xml.async = false;

                 function ShowMembers()
                     var xsl = new ActiveXObject("Msxml2.DOMDocument.3.0");
                     xsl.async = false;

                    parent.bodyFrame.document.body.innerHTML =  xml.transformNode(xsl);

    Do you know if  there is a way to do something similar via JScript (or  JavaScript) but invoke the Saxon processor versus MSMXL?

    Thanks in advance for any help!!


    • Anonymous

      Anonymous - 2003-09-03

      I have the same question.

      Can anyone offer advice on how to invoke Saxon via Javascript?

      Especially on using the xsl:document or saxon:output. I transform a xml file to another xml file using a xsl file with the xsl:document element via JavaScript exactly as callihan describes. It does not work and produces no output.

      Any help is appreciated! Thank you!

      • Michael Kay

        Michael Kay - 2003-09-03

        The answer to the JScript question is that calling Java from COM can be done, but it's tricky and it's a long while since I've done it.

        Concerning xsl:result-document: use the -t option to find out where the output is going.

        Michael Kay


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