XQuery problem with Saxonb8-1

  • Heinrich Rust

    Heinrich Rust - 2004-09-30

    The following program is not parsed:

    declare function
    local:SQL($r as xs:string, $t as xs:string) as xs:string

    declare function
    local:opt-output($args as node()) as node()
    if($args) then $args
    else <para>Nothing!</para>


    The error message is:

    XQuery syntax error on line 12 of file:/home/rust/ttt.xq in ...se &lt;para&gt;Nothing!&lt;/para&gt; }; 1:
    Duplicate definition of function opt-output
    Failed to compile query: Query Parsing failed
    Query processing failed: net.sf.saxon.xpath.StaticError: Query Parsing failed

    The problem seems to have to do with the specifically chosen names for the functions: renaming one or the other helps.

    Thanks for your help!


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