Has XSD 1.1 died?

  • Stefan_E

    Stefan_E - 2010-10-11

    This is probably the wrong place, but I've spent the better part of Sunday
    trying to figure out what the status of XSD 1.1 is. The best I can tell is
    it's as dead as it can be - which would be a real pitty. But there doesn't
    seem to be any updates in 2010, confusing status in 2009 (Candidate
    Recommendation in May, Working Draft in December) and a charter expiring soon.

    So we have to go for Schematron for assertions? What a pitty! Would hope that
    my worries are unfounded ... As Saxon is supporting it, I apologize for asking
    the question here :-)


  • Michael Kay

    Michael Kay - 2010-10-12

    It's moving forward, but painfully slowly. W3C specs can't make the final step
    from Candidate Rec to Rec until there is a test suite and two complete
    implementations, so the spec is basically in limbo until the test suite and
    the implementations are ready. In fact there are two implementations (Saxon
    and Xerces) that are both 90% complete, and a test suite that is now 90%
    complete, but it's still a lot of work to get from there to 100%. The
    unfortunate part about this is that some other implementors don't consider
    starting work on a spec until it reaches Recommendation status, so the whole
    process is now incredibly slow. (The apparent step back from CR to WD didn't
    help perceptions either. In fact the spec is still at CR status; the WD was
    issued as a snapshot to show progress in addressing issues reported in
    response to the CR, but wasn't itself issued as a CR to avoid the overheads of
    restarting the CR review process.)

  • Stefan_E

    Stefan_E - 2010-10-12

    Hi Michael,
    thanks for the explanations - the Googling made me aware of your involvement
    at least. I raised the same issue over at Oxygen with a bit
    of a disappointing reply. Let's hope that this can move faster than we might
    anticipate ...



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