Support for XQuery 1.1

  • Ulrich Post

    Ulrich Post - 2009-03-10

    Hello Michael,

    Are there any plans to support XQuery 1.1 (especially the tumbing/sliding window feature) in Saxon? And if so: what is the schedule?

    Best regards

    • Michael Kay

      Michael Kay - 2009-03-10

      I've implemented a number of XQuery 1.1 features to appear in Saxon 9.2 - but not tumbling/sliding windows yet. I suspect to do that properly I will need to redesign some of the internals to work in terms of streams of tuples rather than items (in 1.0, the only thing that needs tuples is some rare cases of "order by", and these are currently fudged).

      I never promise dates. I was hoping at one time to ship 9.2 during March, but that's not going to happen - I decided to add a few more features instead.

      Michael Kay


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