100th D/L of Saxon 8.6!

  • daiei27

    daiei27 - 2005-11-09

    I believe I was the 100th person to D/L SaxonB 8.6. Do I get a prize? ;)

    I just downloaded 8.5 a few weeks ago so I was surprised to see a new version of Saxon, along with the updated XSLT 2.0 recommendation. It's good to see the spec finally nearing "Recommendation" status.

    Mike, thanks for all your work on Saxon (and the spec). You've been amazingly helpful whenever I had a question about Saxon and I appreciate it.

    • Michael Kay

      Michael Kay - 2005-11-09

      I might consider a prize for the 100th person to buy Saxon-SA 8.6 - except I don't want to reveal my sales figures!

      Thanks for the nice words. No-one will be more pleased to see XSLT 2.0 reach Rec status than I.

      Michael Kay


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